Online Dog Training

What is Online Training?

It's no secret that in our current WFH-centric society that we're all seeking ways to accomplish daily tasks from the convenience of our desks, laptops, computers and mobile phones. Therefore, we offer training lessons from afar that help you achieve significant results that you've been longing for with your dog. 

These online lessons are structured similar to our in-person lessons and you receive the same level of support as if we were standing there with you and your dog at your home.


What's Included?

We'll help you get set up with a video conferencing program so that we can perform a training session with you from the convenience of your home. Additionally, each session is recorded so that you can reference it for a refresher as needed until our follow up session together. We're of course always one call away for any questions as you practice the methods and techniques we walk you through to help kickstart a new life with your dog!


Basic Obedience


Indoor Manners




Behavior Modification: We STOP lunging, incessant barking, growling, jumping, destructive chewing, leash pulling, counter surfing, resource guarding, reactivity, aggression and beyond.


Pricing & Scheduling:


Each Online Training session is $60/hr and can be done at a time that is most convenient for you. We run these sessions Monday-Sunday morning, noon and night. Payment can be done leveraging our invoicing process FreshBooks and we take all major credit cards. 

*Price does not include the cost of a Herm Sprenger Prong Collar ($30) & Mini Educator E-Collar ($180-$220 depending on your dog's size). We can order these on your behalf and add to an invoice.


Featured Testimonials:

"Nick has been a huge help with my Bernese Mountain who had become territorial with people coming into our yard or house. Nick came to do training at our house and was always patient and clear in his explanations. He also followed up every lesson with emails detailing what we had gone over that day, which was incredibly helpful. In between lessons, he followed up on my questions in a professional and timely basis. Nick obviously knows dogs and their behavior very well but also has the ability to communicate well with human beings... I highly recommend!"

- Tricia V.

April, 2021

"Working with Nick has been such a wonderful experience. I had been working with another trainer before finding Hope Gables and was not thrilled with the results I was seeing - my Golden still pulled like a sled dog, didn't come when called, and jumped on everyone who walked through the door. After just a few months of working with Nick, she has stopped pulling completely, comes whenever she is called, and rarely jumps up. Now we are working on solidifying these skills in high distraction situations - something I honestly never thought I could get her to do."

- Caroline L.

April, 2021