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We solve complex dog behavior issues in Norwalk CT each and every day.

Pulling on the leash

Jumping, destructive chewing and crate anxiety

Incessant barking, growling and biting

Dog Training Norwalk CT

Private Lessons


In private lessons we bring the dog training right to your doorstep. Regardless of whether your dog is misbehaving inside or outside of your home, we tackle both environments head on and right in our first session together. If you’re tired of watching training videos or not getting the answers you need, this is your chance to have an experienced dog trainer come out and partner with you to strengthen your dog’s obedience or solve a behavioral issue. We can also find plenty of areas around town such as Oyster Shell Park to practice leash walking techniques that will change the game for you forever. 


Let us take a stab at some of the things you’re probably going through:


  • Leash pulling (#1 most common and most successfully solved issue)

  • Lack of basic obedience (i.e. Sit, Down, Stay, Here, etc.)

  • Constant barking (i.e. dog reactivity)

  • Aggressive behavior, growling and/or biting (any forms of extreme aggression should be reserved for our Board and Train programs)

  • Excessive chewing  

  • Jumping 

  • Separation anxiety

  • Rushing the door or fence 

  • Counter surfing 

  • Puppy training


If it’s not listed above, believe us, we’ve probably dealt with it.

We’ve seen just about everything.

During these private lessons, we will provide you with the training tools and techniques in a clear and concise manner to be able to practice throughout the week until our follow up session(s).

*Price does not include the cost of a Herm Sprenger Prong Collar ($30) & Mini Educator E-Collar ($180-$220 depending on your dog's size). We can order these on your behalf and add to an invoice.

Board and Train Norwalk CT

Board and Train

Coming 2021

What is it?

A Board and Train is simply where your dog boards with us for a period of time so that we can take the burden off of your shoulders. 

Running Board and Trains are how we gained our years of hands-on experience. We saw firsthand dogs come in the door and back out weeks later rehabilitated. Or at the very least as well behaved as they are ever going to be. 


Who is it for? 

Those of you who lead busy lifestyles, have long commutes or simply don't have the time to invest in training your dog on a weekly basis. 

We believe in these programs because we’ve seen how the time a dog spends in one can truly make a long-lasting difference in their behavior for the better. 

What's included? 

Influencing good behavior in a dog requires consistency, therefore, at our facility they will be trained day in and day out to ensure there is a solid foundation for when they get home for you to build upon. 


If you’re experiencing any sort of reactivity or aggression in your dog, we highly recommend you sign up for updates for when our doors open to the public.

Verified Reviews

"Reliable, Professional and Fun!!! 

Nick is extremely knowledgeable, and my dogs took right to his warm, inviting personality. His techniques have improved our dogs’ behavior considerably!!!! Hope Gables Canine is raising the bar for balanced dog trainers with helpful follow-up emails containing session reviews and tips."

- Jenn & Jeff P.

November, 2020

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