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German Shepherd Training CT

Reactivity Article

5 Reasons We Love Training German Shepherds

1. They Love to Learn 


It’s no secret that German Shepherds are well-known for their heritage of being bred for function first and foremost. Similar to other herding dog breeds such as the equally famous Australian Shepherd, bred originally for herding sheep, they’re highly intelligent. Since then, due to this profound level of intelligence, these working dogs have been the top choice for government organizations such as Police Departments and the military for many years. 


It’s their intelligence and inherent ability to follow commands which makes us love working with them. Dogs that love to learn make our jobs easier. All this basically means is that us, as dog trainers, are able to get through to them in a more efficient way than other dog breeds which can take longer to condition commands.


Anyone that says their German Shepherd is untrainable is highly mistaken. Unless there’s a serious genetic issue going on (which is rare), we’re more often than not able to unpack any behavioral issues you’re currently experiencing, all the while crafting a plan for how to rehabilitate them toward more acceptable behaviors.

German Shepherd Training CT

2. No Two Are The Same 

While German Shepherds as a breed share similar characteristics as mentioned above, each individual dog has their own unique personality. This could even be superficial such as coat markings. German Shepherds are beautiful looking breeds, and many times, are simply misunderstood.

Working with as many German Shepherds as we have, you start to really gravitate toward each individually in ways that can sometimes be hard to explain in words. 

German Shepherd Trainer CT

3. They’re Challenging

It’s no secret that German Shepherds can be equally challenging as they are intelligent. A German Shepherd that isn’t properly exercised or has never experienced mental exhaustion, can really do some damage. And we’ve seen this firsthand.

Most GSDs we see have behavior issues stemming from these aforementioned issues but that’s not to say they’re not able to be helped. Which we’ve done successfully in our dog training programs time and time again which is why we consider Hope Gables Canine to offer some of the best German Shepherd Training in CT.

German Shepherd Leash Training

4. We Get to Prove the Myths Aren’t True

We’ve all heard people say “German Shepherds are scary! I would never own one.” and if you’re like me, you’ve probably rolled your eyes. That’s not to say that German Shepherds can’t be scary but typically, it’s because they’re trying to communicate something to you that most times is not aggression even if it looks like it.


Take reactivity, for example. Reactive dogs will lunge, growl and bark to communicate to their owners that they are: 1) Concerned about the approaching trigger (i.e. another dog, person, etc.) and 2) They’d like to get some space from that trigger.


Yes, we’ve also had aggressive German Shepherds in our dog training programs and we acknowledge that they exist. However, with clear communication and proper training techniques, these “aggressive” dogs have lived a non-threatening lifestyle with their owners for the remainder of their lifetime.


Not so bad after all, right?

5. There’s No Shortage of Them! 


The sheer popularity of these working dogs (whether it’s based on looks or personality) has led to a widespread population of them across the globe. Out of all of the dog breeds we train, we’d have to guess that at least 30% of them at any given time are German Shepherds.


If you’re currently struggling with your GSD, check out our Dog Training Programs for more info on German Shepherd Training in CT and Contact Us now to dive deeper into how we can help you live a more fulfilling life with him or her.

Private German Shepherd Training CT

Looking for German Shepherd Training in CT? 


We have hands-on experience with every behavior issue imaginable. If you're struggling, reach out to us so that we can discuss a plan that's well suited for you and your dog.

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