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Dog Training Westport CT

Our Training Programs

We solve complex dog behavior issues in Westport CT each and every day.


Pulling on the leash


Jumping, destructive chewing and crate anxiety


Incessant barking, growling and biting

Dog Training Westport CT
1:1 Lessons

Private Lessons

5-Lesson Package: $1,375.00(+tax)

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We offer in-person private lessons in Westport, CT for those of you who are struggling with your dog, whether it be lack of obedience or feeling hopeless with how to solve a behavioral issue. I come to your home because that's where the problems usually occur the most. We can also find plenty of areas around town such as downtown Westport to practice leash walking techniques that will change the game for you.


Let us take a stab at some of the things you’re probably going through: 


  • Leash pulling (#1 most common and most successfully solved issue)

  • Lack of basic obedience (i.e. Sit, Down, Stay, Here, etc.)

  • Constant barking (i.e. dog reactivity)

  • Aggressive behavior, growling and/or biting (any forms of extreme aggression should be reserved for our Board and Train programs)

  • Excessive chewing  

  • Jumping 

  • Separation anxiety

  • Rushing the door or fence 

  • Counter surfing 

  • Puppy training

You name it. We've worked with it all.

In this program, we will devise a plan custom to you and your dog, including step-by-step exercises laid out for you in a clear and concise manner to be able to work on until our follow up training sessions together.

*Price does not include the cost of a Herm Sprenger Prong Collar & Mini Educator E-Collar. We can order these on your behalf and add to an invoice.

Dog Training Compo Beach CT

Board and Train



What is it?

Your dog boards with us (pending a free behavioral consultation) and they are trained day in and day out for a period of 4, 6, or in some extreme cases, 8 weeks. These programs are less about training classes and more of a lifestyle change for your dog.

Who is it for?

We all lead busy lives and it’s simply unrealistic to expect the busiest of households to follow up on their training homework throughout the week when they can barely find time to sit down for dinner. We’ve been there and understand completely. 

What's included?

When it comes to solving any major behavioral issue, consistency is key, therefore we highly recommend you consider a Board and Train for any cases of reactivity or aggression in your dog.

Limited Availability


Verified Reviews


"Working with Nick has been such a wonderful experience and has completely transformed my 1-year-old puppy. I had been working with another trainer before finding Hope Gables and was not thrilled with the results I was seeing - my Golden still pulled like a sled dog, didn't come when called, and jumped on everyone who walked through the door. After just a few months of working with Nick, she has stopped pulling completely, comes whenever she is called, and rarely jumps up. Now we are working on solidifying these skills in high distraction situations - something I honestly never thought I could get her to do."

- Caroline L.

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