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Dog Behavior Training CT

What are Private Dog Training Lessons?

Private Lessons are a surefire way to receive dog behavior training in CT and direct access to a dog training professional in-person. We've seen every behavior issue imaginable and can guide you to the best, most efficient route to how to train your dog into the best that they can be. We come out to your home and give you our undivided attention to help answer any questions you might have about your dog's behavior as well as how to start seeing results almost immediately. 

We've stopped leash pulling as quickly as a few sessions in as well as unwanted behaviors such as jumping on the counter, chewing the carpet, rushing the door and beyond!

1:1 Lessons
German Shepherd Training CT
Puppy Obedience Training CT
Private Dog Trainers in CT

What's Included?


Basic Obedience


Indoor Manners


Proper Heeling & Loose Leash Walking


Dog Behavior Training in CT: We STOP lunging, incessant barking, growling, jumping, destructive chewing, leash pulling, counter surfing, resource guarding, reactivity, aggression and beyond.

Aside from ongoing dog trainer support from us each day during the week when we're not there with you, you receive guides covering all of the methods and techniques we cover in each of our sessions. These are shared with you promptly after we leave your home and include photos as well as video explanations for you to reference as you're practicing on your own. Additionally, these are some common behaviors we typically see and solve in our Private Training programs:

Dog Behavior Training CT
Dog Behaviorist CT

Pricing & Scheduling:

5-Lesson Package: $1,375.00(+tax)

Each Private Training lesson is typically about an hour long. We don't charge for overage as we're most focused on taking the time needed to explain exactly what we're doing so that you can replicate on your own. The rate is determined based on travel time as well as the severity of the issue we're dealing with. For example, aggression typically involves safety equipment as well as increased time to build a relationship with that dog. These cases are typically on the higher end of the range of price whereas basic obedience is less complex and falls at the bottom of our price range listed above.

Please contact us with any questions on scheduling, pricing or all the above and we're more than happy to work with you on finding what fits best for your dog.

*Price does not include the cost of a Herm Sprenger Prong Collar & Mini Educator E-Collar. We can order these on your behalf and add to the final invoice.

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