Board and Train CT

What are Board and Trains?

A Board and Train is just a fancy way of saying that your dog boards with us at our facility so that we can spend ample amount of time unpacking the behavior issues you're currently dealing with. If you're struggling with finding the time to train your dog on your own, we would absolutely recommend foregoing doing Private Training lessons and instead allow us to take the burden off of your shoulders. 

We've successfully rehabilitated dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds with issues that span lack of basic obedience to extreme aggression. 

Board and Train CT

What's Included?

Your dog isn't just trained at our facility, we ensure they're comfortable, exercised and cared for as if they were our own. A list of the issues we commonly see and have successfully solved are below. If you're struggling with any of these, know that we can absolutely hand you back a dog that is much better behaved than they are today. 

Basic Obedience

Indoor Manners


Behavior Modification: We STOP lunging, incessant barking, growling, jumping, destructive chewing, leash pulling, counter surfing, resource guarding, reactivity, aggression and beyond.

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Pricing & Scheduling:

Coming 2021

Our Board and Train CT programs are broken down by the number of weeks we feel your dog would benefit from staying with us. For minor/mild behavioral issues such as lack of basic obedience, pulling on the leash and/or alike, typically 2-4 weeks is the sweet spot. For extreme behavioral issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, and aggression, we would recommend no less than 4 weeks and as up to 8 weeks. To help determine how many weeks your dog will need, we ask that you be as forthcoming as possible about your previous experiences with your dog's behavior. The more information we have to go on, the better we can help you and your dog! 

2-Weeks: Coming 2021

  • Basic Obedience

  • Minor Behavioral Issues

4-Weeks: Coming 2021

  • Basic Obedience

  • Minor/Mild Behavioral Issues

6-Weeks: Coming 2021

  • Basic Obedience

  • Mild/Extreme Behavioral Issues

8-Weeks: Coming 2021

  • Basic Obedience

  • Extreme Behavioral Issues


Featured Testimonials:

"We hired Nick because our dog has reactivity issues. After just one lesson with Nick I felt more confident in being able to walk and handle my 130+ lb dog, gain clear understanding and guidance about what’s ok and what’s not ok, along with gaining instruction on how to respond in several situations that used to make me nervous - especially when walking in public."

- Jen V.

January, 2021

"Reliable, Professional and Fun!!!

Nick is extremely knowledgeable, and my dogs took right to his warm, inviting personality. His techniques have improved our dogs’ behavior considerably!!!! Hope Gables Canine is raising the bar for balanced dog trainers with helpful follow-up emails containing session reviews and tips."

- Jenn & Jeff P.

November, 2020

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