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Australian Shepherd Training

About Us

About Us
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A Note From Nicolas Angione

Founder & Head Dog Trainer

If you're landing on this page, you're probably curious about who we are, our core values and how we can help solve the issues you're currently facing. 

Let me start by saying that you're not alone. There are thousands of dog owners who struggle with similar behaviors that you might find debilitating to your day-to-day routine. 

I was one of them. And through that experience, I decided to balance my time between a career in digital marketing in Manhattan, while pouring every spare minute into becoming a professional dog trainer.

At the end of the day, I attribute the success of our dog training programs to our very own personal experiences, allowing us to relate to the emotional rollercoaster having a misbehaving dog may be. 

We are not a "dog by numbers" company. Our currency is seeing each and every one of you walk away from our training programs winning. No more leash pulling, incessant barking, jumping and beyond.


Thank you for trusting in us and I'm confident we will go above and beyond your expectations.

Nicolas Angione

Founder & Head Dog Trainer, Hope Gables Canine

Meet Our Team:
A tight-knit group of dog lovers, all of whom are skilled in dog care and safety.

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We're always going to tell you how it is. We're not going to push you to do another training session for the sake of making a buck or recommend that you keep your dog with us for a day more than we feel they'd actually benefit from. ​

Have peace of mind knowing that you've brought your dog to a company that will not violate your trust.


Knowledge is power and we know that your dog will thrive if we take the extra time to guide you through the good information that's out there about dog behavior and the bad.

All of our clients benefit from the materials that we provide both online and in person. These guides go into depth about the training techniques we leverage in our programs so that you're not just following directions and rather building upon what we've already taught you.


Once a client, always a client.

While we're not one of those dog training companies that offers gimmicky "training for life" programs, we will always do our best to make time for you after your dog has completed one of our training programs. 

Please use us as your "Google" for dog training as we've spent thousands of hours researching the latest and greatest information that's out there.

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