Your Questions Answered

What tools do you use for training?

Hope Gables Canine is a balanced training company meaning that we use a variety of training tools in our programs. Some of the tools & techniques that we use include high value treats, food, e-collars, prong collars, long leashes and beyond. While positive reinforcement is the backbone of our training, we believe that the dog needs to also understand what you don't want it to do. By using clear communicators such as an e-collar (not to be confused with a shock collar), we're able to teach your dog that there are alternative behaviors that they can do instead of the problem behaviors you're struggling with each day. We acknowledge the stigma surrounding some of these tools which have been debunked many times. In addition to that, our goal is to use these tools as forms of communication first and foremost and NOT by way of correcting the dog unfairly.

How often will my dog be trained in your Board and Train program?

The short answer is that we didn't start the company to churn out high numbers of dogs. We're very selective on the number of dogs we accept into our board and train programs (coming 2021) so that we can ensure that your dog will get the level of attention he/she deserves. Your dog will be trained multiple hours each day throughout their time with us and always attended to, such as playing with puzzles when not in a training session or even just learning how to be calm in distracting environments!

What if I forgot something that you taught us during our handoff sessions?

All material that we cover in our handoff sessions when you receive your dog back from a Board and Train or during a Private Training Session can be found in our client portal. Please reach out to us in the meantime - day or night - and we'll be happy to walk you through anything that you need help with. We're here to help you maintain all that your dog has learned with us!

Do you do private training nights and weekends?

Yes, we understand that schedules are hectic and sometimes the only time that you're free are at night after work or on the weekends. We will make ourselves available provided that we don't have another client at the time requested. Contact us now for our timing and availability this month.