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Consistency, Not Just a Buzz Word

It's no secret that all dog trainers harp on consistency but what exactly does that mean for you?

Another question that we receive quite often at Hope Gables is:


"What is my role in the training after my dog goes through one of your programs and will it all stick?" 

Short answer: If you're consistent, yes it will stick and you'll prosper! 

Long(er) answer:


The reason why our programs exist (particularly Board and Trains) are largely so that we can build the foundation needed in your dog to ultimately listen to you when you give a command. The foundation building process is a lengthy one and requires hours upon hours of re-working bad habits your dog has developed, especially if they have reactivity or aggression. None of this foundation building you will have to do when your dog comes home. And this foundation will exist in your dog no matter how consistent you are. 


Here's the catch. You still play a pivotal role in your dog's training. And this is no different from any training program you'll encounter, whether it's at Hope Gables or another organization. 

What you will need to do is habituate a few simple steps both inside and outside of your home when you're with your dog.


Here are a few examples: 

  • If your dog resource guards their bone and we've taught them an "OUT" command, you must hold your dog accountable for following that command. When they come home they're going to be testing you. If you show them you don't have a backbone, they'll take advantage of that.

  • Another example. If your dog is used to lunging at other dogs on walks and you're passing another dog but aren't tuned into your environment and miss an opportunity to hold them accountable for misbehaving, they'll be more inclined to repeat that behavior with you, regardless of what they learned at our facility. 

The bottom line is that you still play a huge role in your dog's success by simply being consistent, no more and no less. The good news for you is that the steps we provide when your dog goes home from one of our Board and Train programs aren't complex and take very little time or no extra time in your day at all.


Most of the maintenance can be done during your normal, daily routines!




Consistency is Key

Consistency Anchor
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