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We were once in your shoes.

If you're seeking reliable dog training in CT that provides lasting results, look no further. We're skilled and well-versed in teaching both basic obedience as well as solving the most complex behavioral issues.


Why us? To put it simply, we've been there. Years ago, we came to own a highly leash-reactive Australian Shepherd that has since been rehabilitated. We went through numerous trainers (not to mention spent thousands of dollars based on false promises) until we finally found the right trainer that could help her. 

Our own personal experience inspired us to spend the years that followed shadowing dog trainers in the industry in order for us to gain the experience needed to help people such as yourself establish a newfound relationship with your dog. Fast forward to today, we've successfully trained dogs of all breeds to stop their incessant barking, leash pulling, jumping, lunging, chewing, biting and beyond.

The programs we have in place at Hope Gables Canine are designed to run the spectrum, from helping dog owners who have struggled for years without end to someone raising a puppy who just needs a little guidance along the way.

Nicolas Angione

Founder & Head Dog Trainer, Hope Gables Canine

Dog Training Classes in CT

Any breed.
Any size.
Any issue.

Real Results.

Results matter.

That's why we strive to provide the absolute best dog training in CT and balanced training techniques that will far exceed your expectations. 

The main differentiator about our training programs is that they are not one-size-fits-all or cookie cutter in nature. Each dog is unique and you're deserving of a program that is tailored specifically to your situation. Our years of experience working with all types of dog behavior issues allow us to troubleshoot if something is not working for you and effectively pivot as needed.

From obedience training to severe aggression and everything in between, check out our Private Training Lessons to get a jump start on a new life with your dog. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

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"Nick has been a huge help with my Bernese Mountain who had become territorial with people coming into our yard or house. Nick came to do training at our house and was always patient and clear in his explanations. He also followed up every lesson with emails detailing what we had gone over that day, which was incredibly helpful. In between lessons, he followed up on my questions in a professional and timely basis. Nick obviously knows dogs and their behavior very well but also has the ability to communicate well with human beings... I highly recommend!"

- Tricia V.

April, 2021

"Working with Nick has been such a wonderful experience. I had been working with another trainer before finding Hope Gables and was not thrilled with the results I was seeing - my Golden still pulled like a sled dog, didn't come when called, and jumped on everyone who walked through the door. After just a few months of working with Nick, she has stopped pulling completely, comes whenever she is called, and rarely jumps up. Now we are working on solidifying these skills in high distraction situations - something I honestly never thought I could get her to do."

- Caroline L.

April, 2021


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